Hope in Ending Gun Violence Since 2010
Why We Do What We Do
In April, 2010 gun violence struck the Akron community yet again and the City of Joy Life Enrichment Center. Our dear brother JSuan Slayton was the victim of a senseless gun crime. There was no sound reason for this act of violence but from it Pastor Mayceo Smith II founded the Unity in the Community of Akron, Inc. Our goal is to promote preventative non-violent service to people in the Akron community. We seek to provide services in education, community enhancement, and public safety. By being a provider of these services we hope to reduce the amount of violent crimes committed by young people in the Akron Community. J’suan Eugene Slayton affectionately known as “Suan” departed this life April 7, 2010 as a victim to senseless gun crime in the City of Akron. Suan will be remembered for his contagious smile, bright eyes, and friendly spirit.
Suan graduated from Kenmore High School in 1997. He followed in his grandfather’s footsteps by graduating from Akron Barber College March 11, 2005. His grandfather presented Suan with his first set of professional clippers. He went on to work side by side with his grandfather at U R Next Slayton’s Barbershop until he claimed his independence in June 2009 and became employed at Thomas Touch Barbershop.
Suan was a family oriented young man. He was an instrumental and a positive figure in the upbringing of his younger siblings Patrice and Cory. He wore the title “Big Brother” proudly. Suan always said his greatest accomplishment was becoming a father. He prided himself on taking care of his family and being an attentive, loving, and affectionate father.
Suan accepted Christ at a young age. At the urging of the Lord Suan told his Pastor he wanted to be baptized August 11, 2009. Suan was a dedicated and faithful member at City of Joy Life Enrichment Center under the leadership of his brother in law Pastor Mayceo Smith. He was an instrumental part of the ministry always offering a helping hand. He had aspirations of becoming a minister, purchasing a church van, and starting a mentor program for the young men at the church.
Many words and phrases can be said about J’suan Slayton: barber, father, brother, son, friend, mentor, cousin, uncle, and so on but one thing we can all say is though you are gone way too soon, you will never be forgotten. You were a dear brother in the Akron community and your memory will live on in our hearts.
Meet The Team

Pastor Mayceo & Lady Patrice Smith
Founder and Senior Pastor of
City of Joy Life Enrichment Center
Visionaries of Unity in the Community of Akron

DeVonn Nixon Sr.
Director of Operations
Unity in the Community of Akron
Member of City of Joy Life Enrichment Center

Elisha Swanson, MA
Executive Director
Unity in the Community of Akron
Member of City of Joy Life Enrichment Center

Tina Smith
Team Leader for Volunteers
Unity in the Community of Akron
Member of City of Joy Life Enrichment Center